Can't delete greyed out edges

Hey, all.

Thought I’d run this question by the forum as my Google queries keep turning up bupkis. I’ve only just started modeling recently and have hit a pretty annoying roadblock, under my mesh I can see these grayed out edges connecting between vertices which already have editable edges connecting them.

Just checking to see if this is normal and if there is a way to remove them. You can check out this image to see what I’m getting at:

Thanks in advance,


Difficult to tell from the image. Doesn’t look familiar. Could you upload a .blend?

Sadly, no. I don’t have access to file right now as it’s on my home desktop (I saved the image before I left). I’ll upload it later if that helps, but I’m still googling for solutions so who knows.

might be hidden edges (which are always visible in wire-frame mode), try pressing ‘alt + h’ to make them visible

Thanks for the reply Morio, I actually tried that earlier before coming back here to check on the thread and it fixed the issue. Turns out I accidentally hid some of the mesh when I first started the model and ended up creating new geometry over what was hidden.

Thanks for all the help, and consider this matter now closed :rolleyes: