can't delete sound block!!

I have an animation from a while ago, back when you needed to use the sound block for audio. now if there is something in the sound block ffmpeg chokes, but I can’t delete the sound block. thanks for any help!

bump… anyone?

What is about unlinking the soundblock to make sure the block has no user, saving the file and restarting blender afterwards?
If this does not help my next guess would be, to use an older version of blender for deleting the soundblock, matching the age of your file?


I can’t seem to un-link it, when i press the X, and switch to and back from another sound block it is back!! anyone? help?

Did you restart blender after unlinking?
If you want to get rid of any Datablock, you have to make shure there’s no other user of this block and then save the file and restart blender.
Sadly there’s no specific delete datablock option in blender as far as I know.
But a restart would make shure, thet unused blocks are not loaded again.