Can't display particles in render


I’ve got an issue with particles. I’m modelling an hourglass and wanted to simulate the flow of sand with a particles system. However, when rendering, nothing appears! Can someone help me understand what I did wrong?

You can download the blend file here (~27 Mb) :


Your particles start frame in the timeline is set to 2 but in the particles settings you have chosen start frame 0. So you should set it to 2 frame as well. Second issue that in the timeline your animation starts at frame 2 and finishes at frame 2 so logically think how its gonna work if its starts and ends at the same frame. So set the end frame in the timeline to any other than 0 1 or 2. Set the end frame to 100 if you want your animation to last 4 seconds or set it to 200 if you want it to last 8 seconds

There’s a couple of issues with your blend:

  1. You don’t really need LBM Fluid System particles.
  • For this to work you would also need a Fluid domain and a fluid object.
    So, under the Physics Data options in the Properties Window, delete the
    LBM Fluid particle.
  1. The Size option for your ‘grain de sable’ object is rather small (0.01), which
    is probably why it isn’t showing up in your render; increase it to somewhere in
    the range of 0.1 to 1.0.

Also, in the ‘Display’ options in the ‘Particles’ data options, it would be
a good idea to have the particles displayed in the view port as ‘Rendered’
instead of the current setting of ‘Circle’.

If you want a still image and not animation you should as well chose other than 2 frame. Frame 10 for example so give some time for particles to appear


Not really. Size is not the problem. The problem is in the start and end frames as i mentioned above

Thanks for your answers! I just realized that I didn’t mention in my first message that I indeed want a still image. I’ve set the start frame in the render menu to 185 to give time to the system to generate particles.

I’ve tweaked the size of the particles and it solved my problem. The object in itself is very small and the size in the particle system made it even smaller to the point that it could not be seen. Thanks to both of you!