can't download Blenderman

(DavidF) #1

I can’t seem to download Blenderman 0.1 Beta 7.2? Anyone know why? Or have an alternate location for it?

(Schlops) #2

Green’s site (and Green himself) is offline for some days (till the end of August IIRC), so you have to wait, sorry.Maybe someone could mail it to you, I don’t have it, sorry.

(sp) #3

Same Problem here. If someone could mail it to me that would be much appreciated.

(Tobur) #4

I can mail you guys the file, so drop me a message with your



(mrunion) #5

If someone will send me the file I will put it up on my website for a little while (like maybe 'til September). Send it to [email protected].

(mrunion) #6

I received the script through e-mail and have put it in a directory on my site for download. Try getting it from:

If there are problems, post here and let me know. Hopefully everything will go fine with it and Greene won’t be too upset at me for hosting while his site is unavailable.

(sp) #7

Thanks a ton guys for the file! Now time to figure it out i reckon :slight_smile: