Can't download Unreal Engine Linux

After about > 1/2 an HOUR of trying on this site, I have Failed :frowning: I signed up for EpicGames account, then I signed up for Github’s account, then I linked, blah blah…then at the end it’s giving a red message: “AccountId required” - what am I supposed to do??? I am logged in to everything I could find… :rofl:

btw, what is the DIFFERENCE between Blender+EEVEE+Armory/Godot and UE? I’m still not clear…

Performance, a few features here and there. It’s not night and day, but there are advantages to using UE for your realtime renders.

Well? Guys? Almost 2 weeks on this thread and no one’s helped so far :frowning: …no one here uses UE Linux??

Go to the unreal engine and login to your epic games account and click download from the top right.

I think that’s what I did, and the above happened.

did you choose creator license? The download should start if you click that.

Yeah, that’s just the Windoze installer, I’m looking for the Linux SOURCE (or the EXE, if that’s available somewhere…?)

HEY, I GOT THROUGH! I’M IN NOW!! :slight_smile:

Fscking check software.