Can't draw in edit mode!

I’m trying to use the draw brush or smooth brush in sculpture mode but some how I can’t make it work.

It seems to easy

step 1 deafault cube
2 add multries by 4 levels
3 push n for sculpt props
4 Draw or smooth, add, symmetry x

but it doesn’t do anything… grab works strange enough

downloaded blender 2,49 for mac

What I’m I missing


It works ok on my intel mac, blender 2.49a.
What is your draw strength?


I’m working on G5 dual core. oSX 10.4.11

I tried several strengts and sizes

There are a number of threads like this where only the grab brush works but unfortunately no conclusive solution.


Thanx for sharing the threads. That makes me feel less stupid with this basic question.

Got it,
when draw mode etc… doesn’t work and only grab does

next to edit/object mode… sculpt > input settings> set Tablet strengt adjust to 0.

took me only for 4 hours :slight_smile: