Can't duplicate hierarchies of objects?

I’m having no luck trying to duplicate a chain of objects… An empty is the top parent, a cube its child, and more cubes are children of that. When I select the empty and duplicate, only the empty is duplicated, none of the children. Same if I select a cube, just that cube is duplicated, not the hierarchy of objects it contains. It doesn’t matter if I do Shift-D or Alt-D, same problem. What am I missing?

That’s normal behavior. Transformation is related to parent/child objects, duplication is not.

Just select the empty, press Shift+G and choose Children. This will select all the objects. Then duplicate.

EDIT: in the build I’m using the empty becomes deselected after Shift+G -> Children. Seems like a bug. Will do bug report

Sago, thank you so much! I really was stuck with this one.

EDIT: In my plain vanilla 2.58 for Linux 64bit, the empty gets deselected too. (I just reselected it, thanks to your tip.)