Can't edit .obj imported models?

So, I imported a .obj model from zbrush that I want to work with in blender. The import process worked fine, but once I got the object, it wouldn’t let me go into edit mode or do any kind of editing to it like I could to a normal mesh created in blender. Do I have to convert the .obj model into a mesh? How do I tell Blender to treat it as one?



EDIT: NVM, it’s working now. Weird…

For Future reference. When you first import the model it is selected, but it is not the active selection. So pressing Tab will do nothing. You have to right click on the object after the import and then Tab.

One thing I was hoping would work but didn’t was being able to import subdiv a model from zbrush and retain its detail. For example, since zbrush can handle resolutions way higher than blender can on my computer, I was hoping I could export a zbrush model with level 1 subdivision, import it into blender, and subdivide the model back up to level 5 or 6 in render mode only while retaining all the original detail from zbrush. Unfortunately, all the details get lost in the import if I try. The only way I can keep the details is if I import the zbrush model that already has a very high subdiv level.

Anyone know if there is anything I can do about this? If not, is there a way I can speed up the real time object manip with these super high model resolutions?

Search the Forums for Zbrush and Normal maps. There was a thread not to long ago about the correct format to use when exporting normal maps from Zbrush to use in Blender. The Normal maps will help you get the illusion of your details back, without the high poly count.

You can decimate the model in ZBrush before exporting it to Blender. That will make it easier for Blender to work with the file.

Also, 2.8 seems to have a much easier time of importing and working with ZBrush files compared to 2.79.