Can't edit post anymore

I have a few post I’m trying to remove the .blend files from. I’ve decided I want to include these assets in a paid package. I want to leave the pics just remove the file.

I’ve edited post before with no problem. Now I can’t edit any post. I tried to simply delete the post and says I don’t have permission.

Yeah I recently reset that setting back to the Discourse default (they allow editing for a limited time only to prevent spam), but I wonder if the solution is worse than the problem. @Fweeb what do you think?

Yeah. This is a tough one. On the one hand, social media platforms set the expectation that users can edit their posts whenever they want. However, in the past we’ve seen that abused by spammers and bullies. The migration to Discourse has mitigated the latter quite a bit, but thwarting spammers is still a tough one.

I know, for instance, that Add-on developers like to edit the first post of their threads in #coding:released-scripts-and-themes to give updates.

Is there perhaps a way to keep the Discourse default for replies, but allow OPs to edit their thread starters whenever they want?

Is it possible to have mine set back so I can edit my post. I want to edit the original to prevent duplicates and spamming.

Yes, please, I want the ability to edit my only two topics back, like many others yet able to do :neutral_face:

I understand the reasoning but that’s terrible. We should be able to edit what we have written…when info gets outdated for addon support and software overall this is a must. And we all know how fast Blender changes and then we have to catch up.

If you’re normally active on the forum, you won’t have this problem. You already have the proper access level too. If you only come here to dump your commercial messages and you don’t participate otherwise then, yes, you won’t get that privilege.

It was actually in relation to a free addon but thanks for the answer. Now I am contemplating, should we open a new thread or wait for the resolution.

Hi, the thread in question is this (I’m the original poster, moth3r collaborates with me on some addons). I’m not sure I qualify as “normally active on the forum”, since I mostly just respond to questions & suggestions in the threads about my addons, and post news about the updates.

The original post was made for the Blender 2.5+ version of the addon, but I managed to port/rewrite it for Blender 2.8+ only recently – so, understandably, since the release of Blender 2.8 that thread received virtually no activity.

Making a new thread (and bumping the old one to notify the old users about the update) seems okay in this case, but Fweeb’s idea about “allow OPs to edit their thread starters” would be pretty useful in the more general case.

I understand it’s frustrating. Fweeb’s idea is not supported by Discourse though. I’ll lock you to TL2 so you can edit your topic, but we won’t make a site-wide policy change for this as it’s an important anti-spam measure.


Thanks a lot! :slightly_smiling_face:

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