Cant Edit?!

Occasionally, usually after saving a model I’m working on, I’ll go from Object mode back to Edit mode and realize that I can no longer select vertices/edges/planes anymore. I can add new things and edit those, but the stuff thats already there is just STUCK for some reason.

I assume this is some sort of feature that I just keep accidentally bumping because thats so freakin easy to do in blender.

whats going on?

Blender 2.42a, no plugins installed. Gentoo Linux.


also, blender is supposed to be able to export 3ds files… but I only see 4 options under File -> Export and see no 3ds option…

Try this:

Go to Edit Mode. Select all(If you can) then in the Editing window go to Mesh Tools 1 off to the right. Then click Reveal under Hide. This feature either reveals the object or hides the object in edit mode.

That’s my only guess.

When this happens again, try pressing “alt H”. That will unhide any objects are hidden (you hide objects by selecting them and pressing “H”. Its highly unlikely that you are hiding these objects accidentally, but its another thing to try if all else fails.

zeroth404, I remember step in this same problem when I touch blender.

You could swap to Object mode, and check if other object such as lamp or camero had been selected with your main object. If you ignore to unselect them in Object mode, you can’t select vertice of mesh in Edit mode.

Hope that’s reason!

I’ve tried the “unhide all” option – whichc didn’t work.

you have to have objects selected in Objectmode in order to edit them in Edit mode ?

zeroth 404, you can’t edit them if you select over 1 object.

You can select one object in Object mode, then edit it in Edit mode.

Another way is you can Joint all objects to one by select them and press “Ctr+J” in Object mode, and Lamp and Camera type object can’t be selected as well.