Cant emit in BGE

Using an empty and a cone I cannot get the empty, on key press, to add the cone object with a linear velocity. No emission whatsoever. The logic is simple, Keyboard S key sensor-and-Edit Object, add cone, linear velocity of anything on local axis. Shouldn’t that work? I did almost the same procedure for adding an object from a different empty and it worked. The difference only being the sensors were material collision sensors for the working empty. Please Help!

Make sure the cone (or any added object) is on a hidden layer. The Python console (the one that you bring up under the Window menu in Windows 7 and that you start with Blender for Linux or Mac) tells you that the object has to be on a hidden layer to be added. If I recall correctly, there was a short time where objects that were on the same, visible layer could be added into the game, but that bug (?) was fixed.

Actually, the error says that the object spawning has to be on a hidden layer, when it’s the other way around. Although, knowing which object is trying to spawn an invalid object is still useful.

it is on a hidden layer. I think I have figured out that it is a problem with the collision sensor. i want it to sense a material and it’s not and so the after effects will not activate now.