Can't enable AA in BGE

I did set AA to 16x samples on BGE, but when the game starts, nothing happens. Am i missing something?

screenshot? a single cube should do.

x16 is crazy uber power AA. you dont need it. im pretty sure it anti aliases all the transparent edges, like fonts, but its really slow. possibly your gpu cant even process it. try normal x8 or x4

check you graphic card settings.

16x does not work in bge

If course it works in BGE :thinking:

The problem_question is whether your computer’s graphic-card meets the requirements to run it :slight_smile:

16x does not work.

8 is max bge can handle. if you get it to work at 16 then check console it will say that it set it to 8x instead of 16.

so do your research before you say anything.
and my pc can handle 16x perfectly fine. just blender can’t handle it.

I did. Your computer’s graphic-card just can’t handle it :brain:

(Look up the docs. Blender falls back on the most supported AA. Your computer’s max is 8 apparently)

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@Daedalus_MDW :arrow_down:


mine does x16 aa but its hella slow but makes stuff super smooth.

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the gray boxes are an alpha clipped texture, the purple is normal geometry, and the text is all defaults.