'Can't execute boolean operation'

Hi Everyone!

I am new to Blender… I am trying to take a 3D seal and calculate the volume of the seal that is above and below a plane (the ground, in my case). I figure the best way to do this is to split the seal mesh using a Boolean operation, but I am getting an error when I try to do this. Is there some easier way to calculate volume above and below the plane? Or some way I can split the seal using a Boolean operation?

The file is attached.

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seal.blend (966 KB)

If you want to just make a cut through it use either the knife or bisect tool

The reason it’s not working is because both meshes have errors. Seal mesh has many, but the plane just has double vertices. Seal mesh has double vertices, overlapping geometry, interior faces.
Both objects are scaled but the object scale is not applied, so mesh dimensions (in edit mode) remain unscaled. Ctrl+A -> scale in object mode to apply scale.

Fixing those gives working boolean

seal_ja12.blend (837 KB)

So, once I use CtrlA > scale, how do I actually apply the scale? Seems like just hitting those two buttons doesn’t apply the actual scale (I can just keep the scale at 1,1,1 for X,Y,Z, right?) Also, how do I obtain measurements of volume for the seal? I don’t see a “Print3D” panel on the left side of your screen like I see on my screen. Thanks a million!

I’ve answered in PM. Keeping the discussion in the thread would be preferred so that multiple people have the chance to answer and also make corrections if wrong/misleading instructions are given.