Can't export Blender made model into Lightwave Format

Here’s what I did : Made my model, went to the Python tool, Scripts, Export, then clicked on Lightwave and then came the message : “Error : Check Consle”
I also tried to import a Lightwave file into Blender and I got this message : “This import reguires a full python install.” But the thing is, I have Python 25 installed.
Should I just try to reinstall Python?
Oh, and if it helps, I am using Blender 2.45.

It sounds like Blender isn’t picking up on your python installation. When you start blender you should see a message that says something like “import traceback failed. some scripts may not work. blah blah blah. continuing happily.”

If that is the case, go to the windows Control Panel and click the System icon. Go to the Advanced tab and click the Environment Variables button at the bottom.

Presuming python has installed itself at “C:\Python25”, add a new environment variable named PYTHON_PATH with a value of C:\Python25 (no quotes).

Hope this helps.