Can't export separated model + animations (fbx) to Unity with new Blender versions

Hi Everyone,

I’m using Blender 2.70a for quite some time now. The reason I didn’t use later versions is because I’m having no luck with exporting my character model (fbx) + animations (fbx) to Unity. What I do is, first I export the model with these options:

And I name it as example: character.fbx

After I export every animation separately with these options:

And save them as [email protected].

After I copy both fbx files to Unity and when I play an Animation in the explorer, I see the model + animation correctly.

However, if I use any other version after 2.70a, I don’t seem to succeed… Does anyone has this same method and is succeeding with it in later Blender version, if so, could you please let me know what export options you use?

I will offer 20 dollar to the person who helps me exporting like this in the newest blender version.

Kind regards,
Kevin Vermaat

bump. please if someone knows how to export like this is in a later version your help is greatly appreciated.