Cant extrude points on curve, argh

Greetings Blenderheads!

New to Blender, old from Maya. Have been trying to solve a simple yet frustrating task - I cant add new points to a curve!

When I extrude a point, I get this:

Cyclic is off, and on top of it once I get this noose, I can no longer extrude. I’ve seen some tutorials, and pressing E simply doesnt do the extrude. No clue what’s going on.

Just move the extruded pont (G key) and rotate it (R key).
You can also extrude point by Ctrl+LMB

maybe set the handle type to automatic before extruding -from V key menu- that helps a bit…

Cool, thanks, but alas doesn’t do it for me. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, but I just keep getting these nooses (noosii?) whenever I extrude:

Thanks again

No idea what you are doing there, but try selecting a point and pressing “g” to move it. When you initially hit e to extrude, it should be moveable, and you can also just move the handles however you need for the curve. looks like you are just creating a bunch of point on the same spot and moving the handles, not the point.

If you are tying to insert a point in between 2 points, select them both and press w/subdivide

No that doesn’t do it - I can move it , but only within these noosii, and extruding it simply adds another noose. Please see video:

You have proportional editing mode turned on . The circle that appears when you extrude or grab/move indicates the sphere of influence of the proportional edit tool and is moving all the points that is under it . The default behavior of the extrude tool is to translate/move the new extruded point, but with the proportional edit on it is also moving the original point with the newly extruded one leaving you with those nooses .

Just turn it off from the header (right of the widget icon) or through the Curve -> Proportional Editing menu . Or use the “o”(the letter) hotkey to toggle it on/off . Likely you accidentally turned it on by mistake since it is off by default …

Excellent! I’ll keep that in mind in the future.

Thanks all. :confused:

I had not seen this behavior before, but it certainly does occur with Proportional Edit on, so was good to see the question and answer. Aside from the W-subdivide between two selected Control Points on your path, you can also select a Control Point and Ctrl-click for the next position. You normally need to rotate the control once you create a new one; that is expected behavior.

Ahh,… the video made it so clear. Glad you figured it out. I would not have guessed proportional until I saw the video!