Can't figure out how to animate along path (with angles.)


I need some help trying t figure out this one. I would like my mesh to grow to form this logo:

I created a curve and made the mesh grow along it.

The problem is with the 45º edges. See here better:

I don’t think you should use a curve object for this task. As you have observed, it is difficult to get the angles and endpoints right. You don’t need to make it in 2D either! Take a look at this .blend I made for you:

That’s just an example of how you might consider taking advantage of the orthographic camera.

Hey thanks for your time to respond. That is a cool way, I confess I don’t use orthographic view a lot. Sorry if my explanation was not very clear. What I am trying to do is a ribbon-like animation and that’s why I used the curve to follow the path:

I tried adding a lattice to control the angle issues. But the lattice is also not so friendly to control and for some reason it affects other parts of the mesh that are not touching it.

Cheers :slight_smile: