Can't Figure out how to use Yafray....

Ok, I installed the lates version of Yafray, I have the latest version of blender, and the latest version of python, but when I am in blender and I try to select yafray under the scripts window it says error check console. I also try to render and it is just black (obviously because it isn’t working…) I need some help thanks…

yafray or yaf(a)ray?
yafray is under scene buttons - once installed.
if you are askig about yaf(a)ray - the problem we had was not using Python 2.5, so the workaround was to uninstall blender and python 2.6, yaf(a)ray, then install python 2.5, blender 2.48a then yaf(a)ray.

Van Halen Man, what OS are you using?

If you are using Windows, have you installed these two too?:

Once everything is installed, are you following this workflow:

  • Yaf(a)ray uses a python-coded settings interface to set lighting and rendering parameters. This settings interface is launched by an entry automatically added in the Blender Render menu (once everything is installed).
  • To launch rendering, use the new ‘R E N D E R’ button in the settings interface. A separated window will pop up displaying the render progress as it was with the old versions. In this GUI, you can view and save your images.
  • The render GUI will block Blender as long as it’s open. So you must close the GUI in order to continue with Blender. Remember to save your render in your hard disk before closing the render GUI.

Allright, so I got it workin, but when I click the render button I can’t really seem to get it to look any different it is just a black background with a dark grey cube… should I click the button or hit f12 after selecting yafray rather than blender internal?

Like Alvaro said, use the render button on the Yaf(a)ray gui. You have to define the lighting and materials also in the Yaf(a)ray gui.
Check out the documentation -