Can't fill in face.


I’ve decided to make a beautiful fantasy creature in blender. I’m sort of a newbie, but I know enough on how to make neat meshes.

The creature was made starting with the basic shape of the head from a subdivided cube and extruded down through the body to the end of the tail. I modeled a hand and foot seperate from the rest of the body. My problem is that the left leg seems to have something of a gliche in it or something-- When I first extruded the limb from the side and made the leg, I encountered a few problems (I can’t remember what they were) and erased the vertices of the leg. A square face was missing in the side where the limb was extruded. And I counlt not get it to fill. I’ve made the leg without filling that place in the side and now there is a missing, square face at the end of the leg. I cannot fill it. :<

Does anyone know what this is and what should I do? :expressionless:

Post some screenshots of it please. Wireframe and shaded.

(I’ve never posted a screenshot before, and I’m having trouble learning how. Could you please explain the process to me?)

Usually you can’t make a face if selecting less than 3 or more than 4 vertex from the same mesh (while in edit mode).

If the number of vertexes is more than 4 you can try to “fill” (Shift-F) or “beauty fill” (Alt-F) them.

Hope it helps,
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Thanks, rastavect, but I all ready knew that. The face I’m talking about is four vertices excatly, and it still won’t fill.

As a matter of fact it was filled before in the side, that is until after I extruded the limb. When I decided to start the leg over, I erased the leg, leaving a square gap in the side. I tried to refill it, but it won’t fill?

Isn’t that just weird? :expressionless:

I’ve even tried the shift-F command and the beauty fill, but when I try that blender just freezes up.

Thanks anyway.

You’re probably selecting verts that only look as if they belong to the same face but more likely belong to 1) the face behind or 2) doubles left over from the delete/extrude.

Remove doubles. From top and front views select the verts in all areas that you don’t want to work with and hide them (H). Then try selecting the verts to make the face again.


Thanks, Fligh. You were right. It was the doubles. I’ll keep those
in mind from now on. :slight_smile: