can't find B-Brush

Hi, I downloaded 2.41, and in editmode, under mesh-scripts, there is NO B-Brush. nothing like it. Where is it?

thanks in advance…


What operating system are you using? I’m on Windows XP Home, and it’s the second item in the Mesh division of the scripts for me.


I’m on an XP, I have python 2.4 installed.

Try a reinstall.

if all else fails make sure your splash screen says 2.41 not 2.40.
I had two icons one for 2.41 the other 2.40 :expressionless:
I kept opening the wrong one could not get B-Brushes to work

yep, and make sure you’re in edit mode.

oh, and when you figure out how the crap to acheive anything, please let me know!

i’ve spent ages with nothing but crappy results…

thanks, I’ll try reinstalling.