Cant find baking options Blender 2.5.0 Alpha


Using the new 2.5 alpha release…and i cant seem to find any tabs in the render area or the texture area…i tried selecting in object mode and edit mode…these seemed like the only relevent buttons baking would be under…so then i looked every where else…

can anyone help me find the image/texture baking options in blender 2.5 Alpha

From the Todo list

Volume material is WIP, no final tests now.
Rendering existing files from 2.4 should give identical results.
Play back rendered animation
3d view preview render
Render OpenGL preview
Shaded mode

Remember this is an alpha release. There are many many things not yet implemented. If you can’t find something where you expect it to be then 90% chance it’s not yet been implemented.


thanks… i looked through that list and failed to see it :slight_smile:

i figured it has not been implemented yet. Which is fine, hey i’m loving blender 2.5 and it just keeps getting better

thanks for taking the time to point that out…