Cant find Cycle X

I’ve recently heard the news about this new blender update called Cycle X and how it can render scenes from minutes to seconds. I’ve searched the internet on how to download Cycle X but unfortunately stopped my search on Blender/downloads/branch. I can’t seem to find this Cycle X most “how to download Cycle X” videos talk about. Did they rename the blender update or move it. Why can’t I find it?

Thank you

Hey Xavier,

Cycles-X was merged into the Blender 3.0 branch on September 21st ( info here and ) so download the latest b3.0 Alpha to use it. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much, and have a good day.

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Yeah I kinda wish they kept the Cycles X name when they upgraded the Cycles render engine, its confusing for people who try looking for it but only find Eevee or Cycles