can't find domain in the fluid simulation

Can someone tell me how I can may bring back the domain in the fluid simulation after the second or so bakes. I can not seem to find it anywhere. It not on any level and I did not hide it.

Yeah, sure.

Notice that when you start a sim baking, that (a) your domain disappears, (b) a fluid appears © the object you designated as a fluid stays right where it was, as a rigid object.

Well, as it turns out - the rigid object is still the object you designated as being the fluid object, and the fluid that was created is actually the domain! - One of the reasons you can only have 1 ‘type’ of fluid in a domain - i.e all fluids in a domain will take on the same fluid and material settings. At the current stage of its development, you cannot for instance simulate water being poured into oil. (I’ve no idea if this is planned or not):o

Tip: Once you find your blob, if you tab into edit, it reverts to its original size.

OK Maybe I worded it wrong.I build everything I need and it all works great until at some point I go to rebake it. sometime 2or 3 bakes and it looks good then I try for a new rebake and domain (fluid) disappears on me. I can not see it anymore or find it.

The steps I take is I open blender add a cube, size it up some tab to object mode then enable it as a domain.On the last one I added a UV Sphere and enable it as a inflow then add a cylinder and size it to fit in enable it as a outflow. I add color to the domain, then I bake it. Now I may move inflow or move outflow, add more color or even add a obstacle then rebake. sometimes it works then and sometimes not. If it works then I tweak it some more and go for the rebake and poof it is gone no domain (fluid) If you need a blend file I can get one.

When you start over, use the Properties or Object panel to name your objects. Then use the outliner to find your objects. when you select the domain in the outliner, it will be selected in the 3D view.

Sorry for taking so long getting back to this.

I tried to name them and I thought it work but it took about the sixth baking for it to disappear. I click on the domain name and it came back but the out flow disappear and was removed from the list. When I tab to object mode the inflow lock up I could not click on any thing else.Had to restart it all over again. :spin:

Maybe blender does not like my computer configuration.