can't find knife cut tool in blender 2.6


I’m doing a tutorial on modeling right now…

And at one point he brings out a tool he calls the knife or cut tool…
I can’t find it anywhere and I was wondering if anyone knew where in
blender it is… He doesn’t tell in the tutorial where it is… But he tells us
to press K… Pressing K doesn’t work for me :stuck_out_tongue:

He is using blender 2.5…
So I think it possible isn’t available for 2.6…

thanks :slight_smile:

In edit mode, press and hold down K and drag your mouse across a selected line. Also try SHFT K. It has the effect of adding a vertice in the middle of the line (plus new edges to nearby vertices). If you have a face selected, you can drag across as many edges as you wish.

Also, if you know the name of a tool, you can sometimes find it by
CTRL ALT U to open the preferences
Input tab:

Then scan down until you find the tool name (knife) and you will see the shortcut

thank you :slight_smile:
holding down worked!