Can't find knife project in 2.81

The manual tells me that I can find the Knife Project tool here:

Panel: Toolbar - Tools - Mesh Tools - Add: Knife Project

But I cannot find such a “Panel”. There is an “Add” button, but it is not inside a “Mesh Tools” inside “Tools” inside a “Toolbar” in a Panel and it has no Knife in it.

I am so grateful for Blender, I hate to complain, but I find the manual does this often. It refers you to a location with no way to find that location. The manual needs more pictures so you can see where to look.

Thanks for any clues.

Menu Mesh -> Knife Project. Or just search for it using the search function.

Thanks, Stan. I could not find it in the mesh menu, but now it
is there. I assume you placed it in there when I was not looking.

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