Can't find materials

I need to get rid of some materials in order to pack resources. I’ve searched in the blender file tab where the layers usually are under materials, can’t find it there.

I don’t know what you mean by layers, but if you can show a screenshot maybe I can help.

If this materials are unused then in the Outliner you can switch the Display mode to Orphan Data… then selecting and delete or unlink (i’m not sure which works) will delete it…

A few ways to delete materials manually.

Method 1

  • Go to Outliner Editor
  • Switch Display Mode to type Blender File as seen highlighted, top-left in the screenshot below
  • Toggle open the Materials data-block category as seen highlighted, middle-left in the screenshot below
  • While selecting and hovering over one or more material data-blocks RMB (right mouse), then click on Delete to instantly delete that material

Method #2

  • Go to Properties Editor → Material Properties
  • Click the material icon highlighted to the left from the screenshot below
  • Select one of the materials you want to get rid of
  • Once the desired material is selected SHIFT + LMB (left mouse) on the X icon highlighted to the right from the screenshot below
  • Refresh or re-open your blend and the desired materials should be deleted

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From the replies, I still can’t find these sources.

This type of Blender error indicates that some of the mages you imported into Blender ca no longer be found. Whether because you moved, renamed or deleted any of your images, you will need to tell Blender where to look for the images once again (assuming you did not delete them in the first place).

Global Repathing

  • Go to Info Editor → File → External Data
  • Then choose either Report Missing Files or Find Missing Files to redirect Blender towards your images once again

Individual Repathing

  • Go either to UV Editor or to the Shader Editor and select any of the missing images, then click the folder icon to redirect Blender towards a individual image file
  • This is useful for if your missing images file paths are not identical to your new file structure, in terms of relative file path.

As @RPaladin said but also why are you not able to get a screenshot: The Print Screen key above insert on the keyboard works for me and puts the screenshot in the Pictures directory.

But you didn’t delete resources you are using? Did you?

I can’t seem to find the missing images. Can you screenshot what it looks like, or tell me how to find the missing images either in Shading or UV Editing

I actually found the missing files in a separate folder. Should I just delete them, or move them in my Blender program somehow? (They’re not in the program)

Unfortunately, I have no idea what your images look like.

When you click on either of the folder icons, Blender should open the File Editor where you can navigate to any of your the missing images (assuming they still exist).

  • Red highlighted section is where you can click navigate to your images, similar to Windows FileExplorer or Mac Finder

  • Blue highlighted section is where, if you have the address of the folder where your missing images, you can paste the address into to have the Blender File Browser to jump to that folder location

  • Yellow highlighted section is where you can enable Image Thumbnail Previews (by default it’s disabled)

I don’t wanna mock you but your questions sounds a little bit… weird… If you wanna pack some resources then you should know about file path and where to find them. That may be sound like nitpicking but we can’t give you good advice if you don’t understand what we are talking about.
It’s not my intend to insult you (much to less time to do such a thing) but you have to learn this so that we also understand better what you are telling us. I suggest to look for some basic tutorials. You can start directly in Blender with Help → Manual and Tutorials. Or here on BA: Tutorials Tips and Tricks… The search function here on BA is also very helpfull (top right: Reading lense icon).

If you know some more basics it will be much more easier for you to ask the right question so that you can get better suited help. I know the learning curve is very steep but if you realy wanna do some 3D then you have to climb that mountain… blender is changing every new release so we also have to learn every few month…

So keep up and happy blending.