Can't find my Grease Pencil (2.8)

Hey guys I’m new at Blender and I’m trying to figure out Grease Pencil tool. I can start a new scene with 2D animation lay out and start drawing but when I change from edit mode to object mode I can’t go back to my drawing.

I get stuck with this menu on screenshot. How can I get the drawing pencil again?

You have to go to Draw mode (you end up in Object mode after exiting Edit mode)

ohh! Thanks a lot! :slight_smile: I knew it would be something simple like that!

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I find myself wondering this for a few seconds, every time I press TAB in Edit mode (after entering it from Draw mode). Our brain might expect us to go back into Draw mode when we press TAB again.

Draw, TAB to enter Edit, TAB to enter Draw
feels more intuitive than
Draw, TAB to enter Edit, TAB to enter Object

I agree it’s same for Windows when you hit alt + TAB it goes the previous segment.

Here is a suggestion for 2.8 guys. Make TAB change through last 2 modes instead of Object Mode and Edit Mode.