can't find my offset ipo

I think I’ve run into this a couple of times before,… I make a couple of keyframes for the offset of a texture, then, when I go into the ipo window, and select ‘material’ ( or texture, makes no diff either way ) i see no ipo at all. so i can’t change it to linear. Anyone else getting this, and/or have a way of making it work?

Works for me. You know you can also highlight the white Ofs X, Y or Z on the right side of the IPO then Cntrl + LMB a curve in right? I know it’s a pain, but it’s an alternative.

i did that already. no dice. i also closed and reopened. also no good. i’ll keep working at it.

In the IPO window header, next to the datablock select thingy, you have a Numbut to select the Texture channel you’re affecting. The IPOs are redrawn to match those corresponding to that channel, so you might just be on the wrong one.