Cant find my rendered file

Hey, it’s me again, sorry to disturb u again, i didn’t found any other thread handling my matter…
Just created a little animation and saved it as an avi raw into a folder, all is fine, i can watch this animation in blender, but when i tried to view it outside of blender, i couldn’t even find the directory, it did’nt exist at all…
thanks in advance

By default, the animations are saved to the tmp folder. Search for 0001_XXXX X being the number of frames your animation has (with leading zeros!) and you should find it. For future reference, change were it is saved and the name of it by clicking the little folder icon on the first text input box of the Output panel in the Scene>Rendering Subcontext. Navigate to the directory you want to put the animation.

Maybe try saving it as avi jpeg?