Can't find my startup.blend file to backup my User Preference


I’ve searched hi and low for threads and forums that might help me and every search I come across says “there should be a startup.blend file in your Blender Foundation folder or hard drive somewhere…” but there is no such file on my computer.

My blender works fine, i just want to be able to backup my User Settings is all. Also I use blender across three systems and would like to be able to move my User Settings between systems. On my Work PC I’m running 2.65a, on my home PC and laptop I got 2.66. On my home PC and Laptop I have 2.66 for both W7 and Linux so I actually have 5 separate instances of Blender where I would like to share my User settings.

I have searched my entire hard drive for a file called “startup” and there is no .blend file with that name, on all three systems mentioned above. I also tried searching for hidden files but that didn’t yield any results either.

Any ideas?

Might help if you are on Windows

Use Ctrl+U to save a startup file. It’s location will then be:

Also in blender 2.66 you can have separate user preferences and startup files

Burn me I should have remembered the AppData/Roaming directory. I had a similar issue with another users excel startup file a few months back.

I found it under C:\Users{username}\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.65\config\

Thanks for the help :smiley: