Can't find "Overlay" and "Texture" options in sculpt mode

I have no idea if sculpting is the same as modelling, or am I sure this is where this kind of thread should go, but I’m going to ask this anyway. I’m trying to sculpt using a texture in 2.8 (2.83, to be precise), but I can’t find the option to add the texture I need to do so.

This is the layout Blender us showing me:

I can’t find either the “Texture” or “Overlay” tabs. I don’t know what happened to them and I don’t know how to get them back. Is there a fix for this? Or did Blender change this option at some point?

Expand Brush settings


So I got these stitching brushes, and after figuring out how to add them to the sculpt brush, now I have to ask, how do I make them actually work? I tried to use stencil mode, but it doesn’t work, and tiled mode doesn’t do anything but the base brush settings.

I haven’t done much sculpting, if you haven’t guessed yet, and no tutorial I’ve been able to find has been able to give me an answer.

Third question, How do I drag an alpha brush onto a mesh like in this video?

It goes into no detail as to how to pull it off, and neither can I find anything about how to do it in official documentation, or in other video tutorials, and I want to know because every time I attempt to use one normally (as I previously mentioned, it looks like this:

Have you got enough detail on your model?
I just opened a new sculpt file, remeshed the standard sphere (using 0.01), created a new texture, added an Alpha to it. I went back into sculpt mode, selected clay strips and then the texture and it works fine in both tiled mode and Stencil mode.
You might not have enough detail and the alpha is just deforming the whole mesh

I got Dynatopo on, so that’s not the issue, I also got a brush pack that’s compatible with zBrush, so it’s not that either.

You also didn’t give me an answer to my other question. That being how do I drag an alpha like in the video. It’s like you’re expecting me to know that when I don’t.

It could be, just having dyntopo ticked doesn’t mean its going to work, what resolution are you using? Have you got it set to constant or relative detail?

I don’t have the brushes you have, so it’s difficult to pinpoint the problem, but again i used an alpha texture and applied it with Dyntopo ticked (changing no settings) and then again by using constant detail with a resolution of 100.

You can see the difference below:

No change to default settings:

Settings altered:

Not sure what you mean by drag an alpha, in the video he uses a brush and it looks like he just clicks and holds his LMB and drags his mouse to make the cut effect bigger/change the angle.

As it also states in the video, you need a high poly mesh to make the brushes work well, you can see from your first image that your mesh doesn’t have enough polys as the Tris look quite big.

You can always share your .blend file and it would be easier to try and understand the problem and give a solution.

I’ve tried using the LMB on the alpha, but it all it does is sculpt like it’s the default brush. And like I said before, I don’t know how to get function to work the way it should.

Upload the blend file, so we can take a look

Could if I would, but I’ve only been using throwaway files with only a simple mesh like a sphere or cube. So it’s not a file of important.

I did whip something up based on the above description, though.

No worries, it’s just so i can see the brush and try and get it working.

I’ve requested access to your file.

Gave you access. Not sure why it didn’t just let you download it automatically.

I’ve had a look and i can still get the Alpha to work as i outlined above. When i open your file, the alpha doesn’t work unless i unpack the texture but i don’t know if that’s just because you’ve sent the .blend file to me or if it’s an option for you?

Once i’ve done that, it works fine.

If you press F to resize the brush, it previews the Alpha there, so you can see if it’s picking up the texture.

If you want to be able to ‘drag’ your alpha like in the video, set the brush stroke mode to ‘anchored’.