Cant find quick time please help

I wanted to do this animation in quick time but, I could not find it. I used Mpeg instead. I noticed the video is very blurry once blown up any way I can get this not like that. Also dealing with MPEG and quick time what is the difference and how can I find quick time. I have blender 2.53 on windows 7 64 bit machine.



If this is the 2.53beta did you not read the download page for the 64bit windows version

This version is without Jack Audio and Quicktime support.

So for making quick videos will Mpeg do the job or would there be a better choice for this? Also I wish the video picture was better kinda blurry how would I im prove this.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I won’t use Blender for final Video compression/output, unless you’re OK with doing things in XVid or similar h.264. My client wants WMV, which Blender can’t do directly. (I use Sony Vegas Platinum for my NLE).
Play around with settings… higher is better, but bigger files. Keyframes - I usually do around every 30frames/1sec, unless you’ve got high action.

FYI MPEG2 (DVD) is roughly 6000 kbs - it can give nice results, but bigger files.

If you go for XVid h264 - depending on your frame size, start at around 1800 for the bitrate, and increase or decrease as needed/desired.

Don’t know how Windows goes around with Quick Time.
In my case (OSX), i regularly do all those outputs in QT uncompressed, but many times, i’ll have to use wether an older version (i always keep at least ten versions ready, just for such cases) from GraphicAll (tkroo’s have it) or wait for a newer OSX build, in order to have the QT menu right.
Some versions have that unchecked again, for some reason. Just signal it and, most of the time, the Quick Time codecs’ choices are back within one or two days… At least in OSX version where QT is a main basis.

And with Quick Time Pro—weather you use it on OSX or Windows, you can convert the files you read. And I am quite satisfied with the converted renders I get. Especially when the converted format is smaller (in resolution) than the original file.

It’s just a solution, but stay as far from conversion as you can… make it the second choice ;).

Good luck :slight_smile:

I am keeping my eye on this software as a solution for converting Blender png image sequences to various formats. It is going open source sometime soon.