cant find Strip Properties in the sequence editor

Well, I’m following a tutorial to achieve a bloom effect for a render and it says to add a glow effect strip to the video sequence but to tweak the glow setting it says to go to the Strip menu and click on Strip Properties. I’m looking in the strip menu and its not there. Does anybody know where its at or any other way to tweak the strip settings?


I don’t know where Strip Properties is, you’re right, there’s nothing like that in the Strip menu. However, the way to control the glow effect should be with an Ipo. Select the strip, open an Ipo editor window, select “Sequence” from the Ipo Editor header dropdown. There should be one channel “Fac” which indicates glow factor. The legal value is from 0 to 1 (none to max). Ctrl-LMB to add points to the curve (if no curve is present, the first point you add will make a curve).

As of Blender 2.46 the properties dialog has been moved to the buttons window.