cant find the hair in blender

Hi i just downloaded the latest test uild of blender 2.4 alpha 2 and i cant find a butting in there realteing to hair at all and was kidna wondering if you guys could give me abit of a heads up on how to use the hair feature or where to download a version of blender with it??

There is no magic, “hair button”.

Hair is just a result you can get from some new features in the particle system.
So add some particles, and make them static… And make sure if you add a material & texture you set “strand” for the texture channels.

There’s plenty of tuts on particles already.

i dont spose you could direct me to some could you nad i have a question if its a static partical does it animate?

yes you can, you click the “animate” button after you click “static” particles

ty guys this sould be quite intersting :D:D