Can't find theme for custom bevel modifier graph

Can someone point me to the place to edit the theme for the custom bevel curve modifier graph? The gray and white theme makes it very hard to see the points and I keep accidently adding new ones.


ok, guess I’m answering my own question again.
After a long time trial and error, here are the adjustments for that curve, although it seems like nobody cares lol.
-The color/darkness of the area under the curve is controlled by the User Interface->Regular->Item value. Alpha does not work, it is always see-through.
-The color of the area outside of the curve is User Interface->Regular->Inner value.
-The color of the points are based on the text settings. I have not fully explored this because I think this kind of graph object is used in more than one place. But for the Bevel Modifier curve profile graph, the unselected and selected points use the Properties->Theme Space->Text and Text Highlight values. This may be a problem in your particular theme.