Can't find tutorial

A while back I found a tutorial that showed you how to line images up and scale them properly to make a proper “profile view” for head modelling. I’ve taken pics of my head, but I am having trouble lineing them up. Anyone know where this tutorial is at? I’ve checked my bookmarks (where I thought it was) but its not there, and ran a search for profile shot tutorial, but didn’t really find anything.

you mean this one?

or this one (bottom of the page)

hope that helps

Sorry, thats not it. I mean, I saw a tutorial, somewhere, that showed you how to match up two pictures of a face, a front view, and side view, so they are perfectly aligned, and you can model them easier that way.

why not just do it the old fashioned way, and measure them with a ruler, and make the proper adjustments? i mean…that’s what i would do anyway…

Eric Masloswki’s organic modeling tutorial series is excellent, even if it’s for 3Ds Max. The first video is all about preparing reference plates.