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Does anybody know how to get ë in a blender text



When you’re typing in text, if you press ALT+V, then the file “/tmp/.cutbuffer” is inserted into the text entry field. I created a text file on my Mac and saved it to /tmp/.cutbuffer with the Windows Latin-1 character set, and it worked.

I think this feature works a bit differently on windows though.

Here is the relevant Blender Knowlege Base (A good place to start if you have a question-- though parts of the KB are out of date) entry, which has some Windows-specific information:

On windows it uses the usual clipboard, so you can just type into eg notepad, select, ctrl+c, switch to blender, alt+v

If you go to Start->Programs->Accessories->System Tools->Character map a window will pop up where you can click on a character and get the key stroke(s).