Can't fix jitter effect on a moving character with a smoke simulation

Hello, people of blenderartistsDOTorg. I come here for help, because, to be frank, I became very frustrated with this issue and I can’t figure this out on my own.

I have a moving character that is to be replaced with “smokey” one. However, no matter what I do (I think I fiddled with almost every possible combination of parameters), I always run into a problem, be it either:

  • The simulation is too varied between frames and looks psychodelic.
  • Simulation has too much of a “ladder” effect (cranking up sampling substeps doesn’t help)
  • Simulation is jittery and “noisy”

After hours and hours of fiddling with parameters, this is the best result that I managed to achieve. And it is absolutely terrible and unusable. (don’t look at the compositing, it is just a render of the simulation)
These are the settings used for this simulation (the scene is in 30, no wind force is used, blender 2.82):

So, how do I fix it? Obvious and most crucial problems are:

  • It is jittery af.
  • Trail of smoke that character leaves after them is too disjointed (especially noticable in the first second of the video).

Thanks for help in advance.