Can't fix problem with ShapeKey, need help

Hello. I’m making two curtains using ShapeKeys

and i’ve faced two problems.

Here is one curtain

I started playback and changed key vaklue, to obtain curtain deformation, then stopped plaback on frame 175, and now, when i try to choose Cloth modifier to second curtain, using Phisycs tab - the second curtain falls down (i persume, because of phisycs ))
So, i decided to go back, to 1 frame. But when i made it, my first curtain become wery smooth

Can i solve this problem somehow? Prevent first curtain from becoming smooth when i move to frame 1, or make second curtain not to fall down, when i select cloth modifier at frame 175?

Solved. I just needed to jump to the first frame and made animation of second curtain - first curtain become as i need it when timeline reached frame 175.

yeah particles behave the same way. once you bake it it should behave normally.