Can't flip/mirror animation correctly

I’ve searched lots of threads related with this topic, but I can’t
manage to flip my character animation correctly.
I have an armature, with one animation moving the character to the left (motion capture). I just want to flip/mirror
animation so that it do it to the right.
I selected legs/foot/root bones in 3d View, and from dopesheet I copy and pasted with Control+Shift+V all keyframes, but result as you can see is not good. I don’t know if the problem is that this method rotates on all axis
or that rotations are quaternions and can’t be managed like this…

Any help appreciated.

Attached blender file (v2.79). Until frame 80, original animation. From frame 150 starts my flipped


sample1.blend (9.31 MB)

It is X axis mirrored flipped not I want to go from left to right. Soooooo, make sure you only select bones that can be mirrored like ones with .L, _L etc. Do it one at a time to diagnose and you will find the offending bone that doesn’t mirror from one side to another.

I thought there was something more automated to do this.:frowning:
I will try this bone by bone procedure.
Thank you!