Can't Follow Tutorial Because Menus Differ

I’m trying to make a walk cycle repeat and I’m trying to follow this tutorial, but I don’t have the tabs on the right to switch menus so I’m stuck at :39.

Here’s what I am seeing instead:

This is why I haven’t made any progress since March. Every time I try to follow a tutorial, something deviates early in the process and I’m unable to proceed further.
How do I get that tabbed menu to appear?

0:30 “Open the NLA Editor and push down the animation to the NLA track”. You haven’t done the second part, so you have no strip, so you have no panels associated with it.

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Ah, I didn’t understand that instruction at first, but after clicking all around that area, I got another track to appear and with it, those tabs.
But on the very next step where you’re supposed to open the curves in Graph Editor, I have just a horizontal blue line. I don’t see the complex array of curves shown in the tutorial. 24 hours and I’ve advanced 6 more seconds into the tutorial, but the very next step is another road block. :frowning:

I just loaded an FBX from Mixamo and I can see everything fine. Didn’t bother with the NLA stuff though. Just straight to the Graph Editor. Have you selected the Animation or instead the model? Try selecting the animation in the Outliner.

It’s not the best tutorial to be honest. The author doesn’t really explain why he uses the Nonlinear Animation editor for example and the bit at 1:01 where he does something and the text talks about Ctrl+Tab doesn’t make sense. To get the yellow thing to turn green and apparently send stuff to the graph editor you have to press just Tab.

I’ve tried selecting the animation and even walked my way down through the hierarchy, but I never see curves on the graph editor. This is so frustrating.
I keep returning to Maya to get work done. So far Blender has been little more than like testing alpha software and finding the problems too many to get productive work done. :frowning:

I edited my post to add more info. When you have the NLA track in yellow you have to hit Tab to get stuff to show up to be edited in Graph Editor

So THAT’S what’s missing. The tutorial says control tab on the timeline to enter the curve editor. But he omitted pressing tab. Now that I did that, the timeline on the right turned green and the curves appeared on the left panel.
I was able to extend the path and then make the movement cyclic. It’s a little rough–there’s a pause in the walk movement periodically, but it’s starting to work.

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…and that is why tutorials shouldn’t teach keys, and people shouldn’t learn keys. Teach tools and concepts, learn tools and concepts.

Excellent observation!

I look at a lot of these Blender wizards who do incredible work, and I find myself wondering how they even had the inkling of an idea how to use various tools in the ways that they did to accomplish those results. It must be a solid understanding of concepts and terminology of the tools.

As for me, my memory fades in the time it takes to alt-tab between the youtube video and Blender and I often have to go back and re watch that last few seconds, once, twice even thrice, before I get it.

That sad part is that in a few days, I won’t remember any of what I struggled with for the past 3 days. :frowning: