Can't for the life of me figure out why animation is not playing (file attached)

Here’s the file, it lets you move when you press P, but no animations. Why?

please use paste all,

I have been served malware by mediafire,

or host it here?

I’ll take a look at it for you then.

My apologies. I can’t use pasteall, as it is more than 30 MB, and I tried uploading it here but it didn’t work.

How is!p99TwSbJ!Fn-0XEuj8PqAgA1ADnYbuWorlR50kgCrxWbSlyomb2o

Sorry, simplify your .blend and then I will look at it,

just grab the thing to be animated and save it as a new .blend.

Not downloading 93Mb but make sure your armature is the last modifier in your object modifiers stack…

you got an armature modifier on it? set that modifier at top and it should work