Can't get a sharp render on a dark scene

I finished this scene from this tutorial. I can’t get it to render sharp. There is a lot of noise and, apparently, denoiser filter can’t do much about it but to create those washed-out areas.
I tried increasing render sampling to 300, playing around with Max Bounces, indirect light clamping and Filter Glossy with no success.
That’s my final render:

And this is the Blender file in case someone wants to give it t try:
Cyberpunk PART 1 Commentary - Blender 2.8 Low Poly 3D Modeling (898.1 KB)

Thanks for your help!

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I will answer to myself :slight_smile:
There is a combination of factors here:

  • Low Render samples: I pumped it up from 124 to 1024
  • Lights too strong while inside a cube with a scattered shader: the lights were creating a lot of fireflies, so I reduced their intensity. Ther are still some around the lamps.

I learned a bit about LightPath clamping, but there was no need to mess with it since the default value for Indirect light was already 10, so It won’t improve I think.

I guess I could even improve it more with more samples. I added some grain in PS, ( I think Poligon Runway the author of the tutorial is doing some post editing too). Here is the end result: