Can't get any torrent program to run properly? (SOLVED)

I recently upgraded from dial-up to Broadband (after 10 years of 2kb/s). Naturally, I’m extremely happy with it. Everything downloads incredibly fast… Except for .torrent files. I get around 0.6kb/s with them. That is bad. Very, very bad. It doesn’t matter where I get the torrent from or what client I use, it’s EXTREMELY slow to download.
Does anybody know what I can do to fix this problem?

Verizon Broadband USA, 2700kb/s. Windows XP.

That’s because there aren’t enough seeders, or the seeder’s bandwidth(s) aren’t large enough to allow you to download very fast. There isn’t much you can do but hope that some more seeder’s join, wait overnight, and/or find a new torrent of what your trying to get (hopefully its legal, since the RIAA and several other bodies have been known for seeding false packets in illegal downloads, which could ultimately stall or stop your ability to download). Your bandwidth isn’t the problem (or any of the programs). It may also be something with the tracker, but I seriously doubt it.

No, I tried several torrents. It’s something on my end. I tried a couple of dedicated torrents that have hundreds of seeds and it still wouldn’t work properly.

Do you have a firewall (hardware or software) (if your using a router you likely do)? If so, you may have to set it up to allow your torrent client to get through better. I can’t remember the exact protocols (haven’t used torrents in years), but I think Azureus has a tester for it, if your using Azureus.

Mabye something to do with port forwarding or something like that. I had this problem before and i changed stuff in the router and got it to a couple hundred Kb/s downloads… Only problem is is that I can’t remember anything about it or anything that i did :frowning:

Chances are its port forwarding problem, if you have a router.

Mine is a utter bitch with Azureus. I had so many problems with it, I had to do lots of tweaking and stuff to get it to work. Only it stopped working the next day, so I changed to KTorrent. Worked fine.

Anyway, I assume you have a router, so check out the port forwarding options in it.

try the opera browser, I use it only for testing websites and downloading torrents… it has a great setup, that makes sure everything gets routed properly.

Problem solved. My connection speed settings needed some tweaking in my client. Thanks for the advice anyway. :yes: