cant get backgrounds to work in 2.3

:frowning: hi guys. i’m using 2.3 and know about view > background , i hit load, choose the file, but then i still dont have the image displayed. what the heck am i doing wrong?

you need to be in a non-perspective view (numpad 1 3 7 or control + those keys for front left top back right bottom respectively, numpad 5 to toggle perspective) or in a camera view

i guess i must totally be missing something, cause im not in perspective mode and i still dont have an image pop up…

Shift-F7, Background Pic, Load, navigate, MMB image. Now, if image is loaded its name is in a new button above ‘Load’. Set 'Blend to 0 and adjust ‘Size’ to the right of ‘Background Pic’. Background Pic button pressed (downstate).


No, Shift+F7 doesn’t go there anymore Fligh, it’s in one of the menus at the bottom of the 3d window.

Sorry, my newest one is Top-of-the-hoo-hoo-two and it still works there.