Can't get BezierCircle to follow Path

Admittedly, this is an old tutorial, but around the 39:45 mark, Andrew Price uses a Curve > Path to make a coiled BezierCircle to follow it. He does it by holding Ctrl + left clicking. The bottom of the spiral stays where it is whilst the top follows the path.

I can’t get this to work at all. Whenever I try to do the same, the entire coil just moves up and follows the path. Does anyone know how I can get it to work properly or offer a similar method? Thanks.

I think he is extruding the path, which can be done with Ctrl + left too. Did it work for you if you try the extrude key instead of Ctrl + left?
Maybe try change path direction.

No, extruding it does the same thing as Ctrl + left clicking and raises it up. :-\

Check if the array curve is set for fixed length, not that is set to curve length and just filling the curve.
Have you checked the path direction? Not that it is turned and the base is following your extensions.

I get the same thing no matter the setting. I’ve uploaded my save for anyone to try.coil problem.7z (933.8 KB)

The path has the wrong origin and direction, recreate it with the starting point at the origin of the spring.

coil problem.7z (940.0 KB)

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Ahhh, gotcha. I kept rotating it around by 90 degrees so it was ‘up right’ and didn’t realise those thin black lines show the direction it actually faces. Thank you so much for this. :smiley: