Cant get blender to recognize texture.

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I am having problems making a globe using blender. I created a sphere and am trying to add a texture to it but when i click textured mode it doesnt show. I can only see the texture in shaded mode. Also my field of view seems to be restricted to center around the camera. Im very new to blender.

EDIT: also for some reason i click render current frame all i see is a whiteish light and not my object even though i can see it when in camera view.

Might want to attach a blend file so it can be checked out

To be able to see your texture in texture mode, go to edit mode and then set the texture you are using in the UV editor. That should let you see the texture in texture mode after that.

I’m not sure about the issue you are having with the render. A couple thoughts are did you delete the original camera. If not, did you set the camera you are using to the active camera? (Ctrl+Numpad 0). Did you try to go to camera view while you had the sphere selected? I accidentally did that once with something else and wound up using the object i wanted to render as the camera (quite an odd situation).

I’m also not completely sure how far away that camera is from the object. It looks like it might be a little close, but that could just be me. You could check by hitting Numpad 0 and making sure the sphere is within the second rectangle.

On the field of view problem… you might want to elaborate on that. Your viewport locks on the camera? From the looks of it you aren’t using a default UI setup (either that or there’s a different layout in the new release that I haven’t checked out yet). You may want to pull down the user settings at the top and check the view & controls area.

heres the .blend file. I am trying to make a globe and use particle effects to make it look like it blew up. I find that everytime i try i find new problems. I recently restarted but i couldnt get the texture image to load into blender for some reason.

EDIT: agh i cant upload my blend file because it is like 6mb

what i was talking about with the white light is: I would add a mesh and then add particle explosion to it but when i go to render the image all i see is a white dot of light and not the mesh i just see the particles.

Also how do i upload .blend files? All my files are over 1mb and i think that 1mb is the limit of upload.