Can't get Blender working ( startup.blend file missing)

Hi, I’ve just bought a new Windows 7 laptop and have tried loading any relevant versions of Blender from both the installer and from zip and end up with the same result, a command line window saying the start.upblend file is missing. Windows then attempts to solve this but then shuts Blender down.

I’ve searched the forum and the solutions suggested were changing the screen resolution and trying the alternative bit version. Neither solution worked with the same result as above.

Any help greatly appreciated, cheers.

windows 7 i3 4g ram

If you start blender.exe from cmd terminal, say

 C:\Path_to_where_blender.exe_is\blender.exe --help 

it’ll show

    Skip reading the "startup.blend" in the users home directory

I suspect win security settings, if startup.blend is allowed to be written. Just a thought.