Can't get clothes to deform properly

I’m using an MB Lab model with it’s base IK rig and some clothes I made. There’s no cloth modifier or collision. After parenting the clothes to the rig and transferring the weights from the body mesh to the shirt, I get the following result:

It has a shrinkwrap modifier, but when I remove it, I notice that the shirt sleeve just doesn’t move as far as the arm does. I assume that something is wrong with my weight paint transfer, but I have no idea what I did wrong. Does anybody have any ideas? (As a side note, I noticed that it doesn’t show different weights on the shirt after transferring them from the body, but it does move with the armature. It’s very confusing).

After struggling with this issue for days, I figured it out myself two hours after posting the question. What happened is that I made the clothes from the MB Lab base mesh, which copied all the vertex groups. When I transferred the weight paint like the tutorial told me to, it created a new set of vertex groups with the same name.001. Somewhere in all that Blender got a little confused. I solved the problem by deleting all the existing vertex groups and transferring again. This time it worked.