Can't get Cycles to render texture maps

After watching a lot of youtube videos and trying to puzzle out nodes I’m ready to give up.
My texture maps will not render using cycles.
What am I missing?

The blend file, to support your question.

But there are some things you can check:
A second material in the object.
An overlapping mesh.

This is what I get when I open your file and hit F12:

Seems OK to me?

It renders fine for me also… but I suspect there’s something going wrong here and I tried to figure that out with no luck…

In the console, I get this message:
“Unable to load non-power-of-two DXT image resolution, falling back to uncompressed”

Probably changing the texture into another format might help… but this looks more like some strange bug or incompatibility with some graphics driver while using DXT textures.

Not sure where to take this.
Thanks for testing it guys I appreciate it.
I have no idea what’s going wrong.

It’s the DDS format. Renders fine now.